The EAG Empyrion Server Rules

Should you have a question or issue please submit a support ticket!

You must be registered to the community in order to creat a support ticket!

What to expect from the Admins?
  • Admins on the server are here to help you, they will do the best they can. Keep in mind that they are players also, and are not at the beck and call 24/7.
  • Do not ask Admins for items.
  • You can use the support forum to ask for compensation should you experience an in game glitch.
  • Active Admins will be listed in the [ADM] Faction, you can press b in game to view list of players to see what admin is online.
  • Admins that are online under there normal faction will not be able to help you, because they need some game time / fun as well. You can use the support area of the site to get help if you do not see an admin in game.
When do the planets wipe?
  • All circle and faction (Pentagons) systems will not be wiped (Systems = Planet, Orbit and it's moon).
  • All other systems will be wiped along with orbits and moons. (Weekly/Bi-Weekly Wipe)
  • All game updates that addresses major bugs, all planets will be wiped including Faction Planets!
What are the rules about faction planets?
  • NEVER visit a faction planet period unless you are in the faction that owns the planet.
What are the main EAG Server Rules?
  • You can't setup warp traps that prevent players from being able to transport warp point to warp point. You can however setup traps around the planet's orbit that are 200M outside of the planet or moon. (Traps on planets are exempt!)
  • When you place a base or ship, you MUST give it a name. Admins will patrol different planets/orbits to remove objects that are not named from their default values.
  • NO BASE TROLLING with the re-spawn mechanism! If you have died in battle, you can either use a medic chamber to return to life, or current location only if you are attempting to get out of the base fire range. If you are doing a continuous spawn over and over you will be banned.
  • When you are out and about on a PVE planet, and you stumble into a public ship/base. You are allowed to loot it, however you are not allowed to destroy it.
  • When chatting in game at no time is any sexual reference acceptable, harassment, and or vulgar remarks towards others. Admins will observe at what level they feel your banter is effecting others, and will make the best decision possible.
  • If you raid a POI and put in a player core to loot whole components, when you are through you must either remove your core or set it to public so other players have a chance to loot. You cannot place a player core to loot at a later time, you must loot it at the time you arrive. Also to note that you must again remove your player core when you are done and or logging offline.
Can I make a general donation to the server?
  • Yes we accept all donations made to EAG Gaming Community to help support the server costs.
  • You can make a direct donation with paypal and soon we will be adding additional options.

How do I get a faction planet?

We love to keep the game running free to play for everyone, and some folks like to help the community with donations. At EAG Gaming Community you can become a VIP Member of the community and are given as a thank you in return a planet to call your own titled "Faction Planet". We are still working on this part of our website, but you can find the information around EAG memberships located HERE.

Can I use the EAG Empyrion Modifications?
  • Yes! You can download them soon from our website.

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